Ashley Furniture Signature Design Chime 12-inch Express Mattress

Have a whole new level of comfort in your nights of sleep with the Chime 12-inch Express Mattress from Ashley Furniture Signature Design. It is another well-reviewed product, especially, among people who love their mattresses to be hard. This will provide the best sound sleeping experience in any position.

King Size Bed Packed in a Box

This 12-inch Ashley-Mattress is a body-contouring memory foam king size mattress. It comes in the box in a compressed and rolled version for more convenience. This mattress comes in a size dimension of 75” x 79” x 12” (W X D x H) and is compatible with most of the King Size bed frames. So Just unpack and unroll to get the max comfort.

Ashley Furniture Signature Design Chime 12-inch Express Mattress

Great Construction

This mattress is designed with multiple layers of memory foam to provide the best pressure relief and firm support. The core of this support foam reduces the motion transfer to let you have a peaceful and undisturbed sleep.

Safely Built

The mattress is made safe for its users. It is built with hypoallergenic materials to keep the pollen, dust mites, mold, and pet dander out, making it completely safe for kids and also people suffering from allergies.

Ashley Furniture Signature Design Chime 12-inch Express Mattress

Ease of Maintenance

The Ashley Sleep Mattress doesn’t need much care and maintenance. The mattress can be vacuum cleaned and this is the only recommended method for its cleaning. In case of cleaning any stains, gently apply a bar of mild soap with cold water and allow the mattress to be fully air-dried.

What Customers Say

It is a good looking mattress with a high-quality build construction. People who like to sleep on hard mattresses seem to be loving this 12-inch Express Mattress. But it’s not for those who want their mattress to be adaptive and conforming their movements.

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